Usage Guidelines for Medicine Mistakes and the Reptilian Brain discussion

In the new year of 2013, I’ve decided to open up my blog to comments and submissions from anyone on the world wide web.

To maintain some basic order and cleanliness, I am instilling the following simple rules in addition to any local internet, web, copyright and related laws you may have in your respective geographic locations:

  1. No spam (including but not limited to automatic submission of comments or bots, and manually posting off-topic links or promoting products/services without permission)
  2. No phishing or soliciting user access credentials to this or any other site
  3. No hacking this site or otherwise trying to infect participants’ computers
  4. No collecting of user data from this site without express permission of the site owner, Dr. John Meagher (no indexing, crawling, email scraping or data exporting)
  5. Keep discussion courteous and on-topic

Posts, feedback, comments and any other content or behaviours which do not meet these simple guidelines will be prohibited/removed and may potentially result in further cooperation with local branches of law enforcement should legal actions be necessary.




Peace, honesty, love and respect are all attributes of the NewMind™; while fighting, lies, hate and disrespect are all signs of the ego and the reptilian brain at work. I strongly believe that these are simple rules that bring us more into a NewMind™ state of mind, and will allow us to have an excellent productive discourse on the subject towards reduction and prevention of medical errors and other bad decisions in any field.


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