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    Dr. John Meagher





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Still not convinced?

Please read some kind words the book has received from current readers:


This book is more important than any lecture; more critical than any diagnostic test.

– Dr. Louis Crowe


The quality of my own work, and my enjoyment of it, have been enhanced by Dr. Meagher’s teachings. I highly recommend this book.

– Alyson Dysart, M.D.


The second last paragraph of the book should be added to the Hippocratic Oath.

– Heinrich Sirucek, Journeyman in Philosophy


If you never have made a mistake, this book is not for you.

– Everton MacLean, Journalist and Communication Professional





The following are the key topics introduced and/or covered in the book:

  • Medicine mistakes (i.e. medications, dosage)
  • Medical errors (i.e. diagnosis, treatment)
  • Reptilian Brain (lower cortex of brain)
  • How to make fewer errors (in any field)
  • NewMind Response
  • Mindfulness exercises
  • How to focus on the present

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