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Dr. John M. Meagher

Dr. John Mary Meagher graduated in medicine from the National University of Ireland, Dublin. He has worked for over forty years as a family physician and emergency room physician and is a highly rated and recommended doctor within his area in Canada. The innovative Theorem of Attribution for Medical Care as well as the NewMind Response™ concepts which he has developed, along with his book which describes these in detail “Medicine, Mistakes and the Reptilian Brain” is the product of eleven years’ research and his most significant work to date. His thesis-novel called “A Bluebell in a Quarry (Corpus Christi on the Eve of the Third Millenium)” as well as several poems and essays have also been previously published. Dr. Meagher works with Horizon Health Network in various senior roles and lives with his wife Bernadette in Moncton, NB Canada. They have five children and six grandchildren.

Mission Statement

About the Auther - Dr. John Meagher (left)

Dr. John Meagher (left); Photo courtesy of the Tipperary Star


My mission is to prevent as many medicine mistakes and medical errors as possible.


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