Both the aviation industry and medicine use similar systemic methods to reduce mishaps or mistakes.

They differ, however, in their approaches to improving professional performances. The medical literature use the Cognitive and Affective Dispositions to Respond while the Crew Resource  Manual for Professional Pilots (CRM)  focuses on the hazardous attitudes, of the crew.
Embedded in the forty or more of the Cognitive and Affective Dispositions to Respond are the hazardous attitudes. This  meshes the two approaches.

The approaches are  compared on their clinical use and relevance. The CRM is less cumbersome, more self-reflective, more readily monitored by other health care workers and oneself and hence more available to be reversed by the practitioner than employing Cognitive and Affective Dispositions to Respond.

Striving for Aequanimitas,

John Mary Meagher MD


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