Staying Tuned – Will not the musician retune the lute when it is out of tune?  Epictetus.

Staying Tuned is a Canadian Medical Association accredited course which offers attendees 6 Mainline M1 credits for their participation. The course will be a Guide for Physicians to make them the best use of their most valuable resource, namely  themselves, and also to be more content and less error prone.
Date: May 8th 2016 Fairmont Le Manoir Richelieu.181 Rue Richelieu, La Malbaie, QC G5A 1X7


Program Highlights:

  • Transpose the lessons learned in the cockpits of commercial aviation to your office.
  • Navigate to a happier and more successful work and life with the advice from celebrated doctors, philosophers and with the proven safety experience of the commercial aviation.
  • Training program to become attentive to the task at hand.
  • Callisthenics to monitor hazardous attitudes and employ specific and generic antidotes.
  • Continue course discussion publicly at

Program                  Outline                                                                                                                                          Objectives

Section 1.Hazardous attitudes of family physicians and pilots compared. Leading towards The Theorem of Attribution: to err is human – the reptilian part. The imperative of choice; for example, to improve. Participants will identify a common source of errors. Participants will discuss a few celebrated examples.
Section 2. Invitation to introduce oneself to oneself. A new vital sign for physicians. Participants will create their own algorithm of self-knowledge. Participants will create their own Irritability Barometers.
Section 3. Barriers to due diligence and care. Sleep deprivation- the cheapest drunk. Egoism- the tyrant within. Hurry- the thief of the present. Burnout- The empty basket. Participants will devise antidotes to hazardous attitudes. Participants will evaluate their risk for burnout and list tips to prevent its onset.
Section 4. The difficult art of listening – especially to what one does not want to hear. Doubt – the last stop sign on the road to error. Participants will appreciate their inner dialogue when conversing. Participants will be shown how to listen to the doubt’s whisper.
Section 5. Attention to the task at hand or Mindfulness. Live the moment and postpone worry. Participants will appreciate the value of living the moment in their office and at home. Participants will practice how to be attentive throughout the day.
Section 6. Why there is no one way ticket to Serenity and the Roman Rationalists attempt to find one. The participants will learn to build their own firewall to the assailants to their inner citadel of Serenity.
Conclusion Review of the program Post program Calisthenics to practice these strategies towards Aequanimitas. Outline for the gym of the mind. Invitation to a private forum to continue the discussion.



Commendations for “Staying Tuned” CME’s  from 2013 and 2104.

  • “This intriguing program covers knowledge territory that is unusual for a Mainpro Program and when delivered, holds substantial promise as a high quality learning experience.”

~ Dr. Jamie Meuser, CPD director of College of Family Physicians of Canada

  • This is an unusual course that can actually change my practice. Family physician


  • Excellent and useful program-worlds away from usual CME. Longtime Emergency Room Physician
  • Excellent CME, a must for physicians in my opinion. Great Speakers.

– Medical Resident

  • Great info on how to be a better physician through active listening, recognizing barriers to good judgement (haste, egoism and fatigue) and how to counter them. How to recognize the importance of doubt. –Surgeon


Take home changes to my practice:

  • To watch for my ego more often.
  • Be mindful of my own irritability barometer
  • Monitor regularly the burnout self-test.
  • Practice active listening.


  • John Mary Meagher– Physician, Moncton Hospital (40 yrs in practice) Author of Medicine Mistakes and the Reptilian Brain.
  • Gary Duguay– Physician, Moncton Hospital Emergency Department
  • Allison Dysart– Family Physician, Sackville Memorial Hospital (NB)




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