Active/Lethal Dose Ratio and Dependence Potent...

Active/Lethal Dose Ratio and Dependence Potential of Psychoactive Drugs. Data source is Gable, R. S. (2006). Acute toxicity of drugs versus regulatory status. In J. M. Fish (Ed.),Drugs and Society: U.S. Public Policy, pp.149-162, Lanham, MD: Rowman & Littlefield Publishers. This is simply a rescaled version of the file listed in “other versions”. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A surgeon who had a hip operation four weeks ago was walking briskly towards me. He had a smile on his face. “How did it go?” I asked.

“The surgery was fine but when I tried to stop the ‘Percs’ (Percocet) I was not able to sleep, began to have the shakes and was awake for up to five o’clock in the morning, reading and watching Television. The temptation was almost overwhelming to take just one more Percocet to stop  the shakes and aches in my muscles and get some asleep.”

After discussing how difficult it can be, he carried on stating:

“Luckily for me I did not have to work the following day. How could a professional or anyone work the next day if they had spent the night shaking and without sleep. I was prescribed them and have prescribed them but I never had prescribed an exit plan, a plan to conquer the withdrawal symptoms.”

This was an important point which I knew I would immediately need to write about, we often follow the patient towards the quick cure without thinking about the impact of medications or treatments prescribed, and how to avoid dependency on them.

“The monographs, the surgeon continued, “states that Percocet can produce drug dependence of the morphine type and therefore, has the potential of being abused.  I did not abuse them and I only took them only when I had pain.

“Now I know why  Percocet is called “White Collar Heroin.” But it is also a dog collar which leashes one to a crave that is almost impossible to break free. I was lucky to break free.”

I checked the monograph on Percocet in the CPS pharmacy. Yes, it uses the verb Can- “can  produce drug dependence.” We know that 10% of users will struggle to avoid dependence.

Do you have an escape plan? Some don’t and are collared.


Striving for aequanimitas,


John  Mary Meagher


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